Month: October 2018

Best Juice/Vegetable Recipe from My Experience

About one year ago, I ventured down the path of purchasing a juicer for our home. My wife and I wanted to experiment with the new trend (to us at least) of juicing vegetables and fruits. Of course, we had never juiced anything before, so we thought that we could create some healthy juicer recipes […]

Rodent Infestation Often Leaves Property Owners Feeling Defeated

The fight with rodents can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle between good and evil; Although rodents are not evil per say, the destruction in their wake leaves many property owners feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Considering the alarming rates that rodents reproduce, they can very quickly take over agriculture, barns, homes, and businesses. The time to […]

How to Find Good Plumbing Contractors

If you are a home owner than you understand the value of improving your domicile. Home improvements not only optimize the quality of life, they also add value to the property if you ever sell it. Sometimes when things break you are also on the hook to make repairs. Therefore, hiring good contractors is key […]

Summertime Lawn Care in Texas

I live in an upscale neighborhood in Frisco. With many upscale neighborhoods, you’ll likely encounter a homeowner’s association (HOA). Keeping my house tidy inside as well as outside is at the utmost importance. During the summer, weeds tend to grow quicker. Before you know it, it’ll take over the entire yard. During summer we normally take a […]

Oh No! It’s Raining on My Lunch

One sunny day, I was sitting in my patio when all of a sudden it started to rain. I quickly grabbed my lunch and hurried inside. I thought, “Well that’s the weather for you!” I looked up at my pergola and thought that there must be a solution for times like this. I plan to host several […]

How to Successfully Merge Vintage Furnishings with Other Design Styles

Many individuals love finding vintage pieces that they yearn to place into their homes. Antiques have been popular for centuries, and vintage furniture is often crafted exceptionally well. Antique furniture is again making a huge comeback. More homeowners today are mixing their favorite and timeless vintage furniture with more modern design styles like contemporary and […]

Use These Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Space Great Again

There’s nothing quite like entertaining at your place. Having all your friends and family swing by for a barbeque or get-together around the fire is exactly what you’ve always pictured. With party season in full swing, there’s nothing that can stop your shindig from being the event of the year — except a poor outdoor […]