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Author: Judith O. Richardson

Does Your AC Need Repairs? Here are Some Signs

HVAC units play such a huge role in ensuring that your home or business remains cool and comfy, especially during the hot summer months. Sometimes, though, it simply can’t be helped that maintenance is missed. This leads to certain problems, whether from the regular wear and tear, or some other source of damage to the unit. More […]

5 Reasons To Get Regular Electrical Checks

Faulty electrical wires or appliances can be tragic. Most often than not, we know to call an emergency electrician once an appliance fails or if you experience a minor electric shock while lighting up an appliance. Many people have lost their valuables due to fire caused by an electrical fault. Make a point of having […]

12 Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

Contrary to what you may think, giving your home a makeover does not have to break the bank. While some types of renovation projects can cost thousands, there are many that do not. The key is in starting small. Take a look around you. Surely there are little changes you can make. By making upgrades […]

Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

Home improvements are all about benefits. No doubt about that.  Not only do they add curb appeal, improve functionality, but they also increase home value. It’s no different with a new garage door. Not only will you experience enhanced efficiency, but you will also realize a new garage door is much more than that. Here […]

How To Plan a Major Move

If you are moving somewhere new, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. Moving to a whole new state or a big city further from where you currently live can be intimidating at best and confusing at worst. Here are some ideas of how to plan for a major move […]

What To Consider When Relocating Your Business

The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ still rings true, even as more and more people use the online marketplace to shop for all their needs. Simply put, the location of your business matters. However, the most desirable places for business can be too expensive to move into immediately, and as your business grows, you’ll […]

How to Paint Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is a popular siding material for a variety of reasons: it is light enough that it does not put any pressure on your home’s structure; it can withstand extreme weather conditions; and it requires very little maintenance. Even with its appealing appearance, you can still give a home with aluminum siding a fresh new […]

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

When the winter chill is settling in, it is nice to think about spring approaching. You may already have a list in your head of spring cleaning projects that you want to get done. Consider these three things you can do in your yard to get it looking its best. You might be surprised at […]

Tips For The TV Cord Concealment And Hiding Wires

It looks quite messy when the TV, sound system, and modem cables spread here and there. If you want to give your room a mess free look then you should know some tips about the TV cord concealment and hiding wires. These are very easy steps that you can follow during TV mounting and give your room a tidy […]

3 Home Heating Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

When you get out of bed on a cold morning, your first inclination might be to turn up the heat. With energy prices on the rise, however, many individuals are seeking low-cost alternatives to keep warm. Here are some tried-and-true tips that will help turn up your home’s temperature, but not your electric bill. Bubble Barrier […]