How to Remove a Milk Smell from Carpet

They say there’s no reason to cry over spilt milk but anyone who’s done just that on their carpet knows that the smell is enough to bring tears to the eyes. The stench can permeate the entire house and it can become a real challenge to eliminate. It occurs when you don’t clean up the […]

Why Wardrobes Make a good Closet Replacement

Wardrobe furniture closets are not only an awesome storage space but also work as a great decor accessory for just about any room. TMF 家匠 Wardrobes do not have to be expensive, many are intricately designed, even if they are cheap and affordable for most people on a budget. TMF 家匠 has put together some great tips […]

How to generate less garbage at home

In Mexico, more than 10 million cubic meters of garbage are produced monthly, deposited in more than 50 thousand legal and clandestine garbage dumps that directly affect our quality of life. The house is one of the places where waste is generated the most and that is why it is important to ask ourselves some questions: […]

How To Pull Up Old Carpet Without Damaging It

Does your old home carpet get you down just to look at it? Are you itching to replace an old, worn carpet with a brand new installation? You’re not the only one. Many homeowners find themselves in a similar position when it comes to buying carpet without wanting to get rid of your old rug. […]

What You Should Know About Carpet Patching

Your home carpet has always stood by you. You’ve had it for years and you’ve taken great care of it, taking it regularly to Tacoma’s Rainier Chem-Dry when it got too dirty, and stretching it over time to make sure it stays taut. But what happens when a hole appears in your beloved carpet? Don’t […]

Elegant and Lavish Home Furnishing with GE Appliances

GE has been known as one of the popular home appliance company. The home and kitchen appliances manufactured by GE have the unique and marvelous features. There are many reasons which are sufficient to tempt anyone to purchase the products from this company. GE proves what they claim. Their appliances are not only making your […]