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Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Selling your house is indeed a major accomplishment. However, it remains an equally daunting process to go through. From pre-listing strategies to having a true estimation of your home’s worth – the factors involved require massive emotional and physical involvement. Choosing the right real estate agent is one of those crucial factors for successful selling. […]

How To Refresh Your Home

If you are considering a home refresh, there are a variety of things you can do to breathe new life into your home. Everything from simply rearranging furniture to repainting an entire room can make a big difference. Big Changes Sometimes you want to make a major change. New floors, cabinetry and appliances all make a […]

How To Create a Nostalgic Feel at Home

These days you can decorate your home in any style imaginable, but people seem to always gravitate towards nostalgia. This type of decor transports you back to an era you love, creating comfort and coziness. If you’d like to return to a special time, here’s how to create a nostalgic feel inside your home. Retro […]

4 Major Home Projects You Don’t Want To Delay

Some household projects do not require immediate attention. Others, however, should be handled promptly. Otherwise, owners could face major issues and escalating prices. The following are four things you should not put off until tomorrow. Concrete Concerns Older driveways are likely to have issues with cracks and holes. While concrete is hardy, it does wear […]

The floor function: 5 benefits of floor insulation

Insulating your home is important for moderating its temperature and improving its energy efficiency. Poorly insulated homes have a reduced thermal efficiency and this creates greater energy requirements to moderate the home’s temperature. The floor is an integral part of a home’s overall insulation scheme, thus moderating the temperature of the home by keeping in […]

How screen rooms benefit your home and your health

Experts agree that climate change is altering the environment in ways that increase the potential for mosquito-borne diseases like the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Wouldn’t it be nice if a new part of your home could not only bring high quality and high value, but also bring peace of mind for your health? Screen […]

5 Things to Do Before Buying a Luxury Home

When you are looking for an investment and a dwelling place, your bet should be on buying a luxury home. Owning a luxury home is among the best decisions that will positively impact your life and that of your loved ones for a longer time to come. You should, however, note that despite the benefits […]

Benefits of Gutter Guards in Home Improvement

Many homeowners don’t think of their gutters until it’s time to clean them, or there’s a major storm. Sometimes, we get to them when it’s too late, and then there is a really expensive problem. Gutters are intended to remove debris and water from the roof after bad weather, but they can get clogged up […]

How To Mitigate Mold in Your Home

Among all the forces that can damage property, mold may be the worst. Toxic mold can creep into a structure and slowly sicken its residents. Given the potential dangers, it’s important that all homeowners take practical measures toward mold prevention. Causes of Mold Growth Basically, growing mold needs a warm, moist environment with a stable food […]

Shearling Gilets Work All Year Long

One thing is undeniably true. When it comes to picking out pieces for your wardrobe, you want items that work for your needs all year long. You want pieces that can go from the cold weather as it arrives and still keep your warm when the temperatures really start to drop. You want an item […]