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How to Keep Your Heirloom Rug in Perfect Condition

An oriental heirloom rug can be a prized possession. Like any item of value, your rug will need to be properly cared for and maintained. Not only will regular repairs and professional cleaning help to preserve the resale value of your rug, but these simple actions will enable you to enjoy the rug for many […]

How to Prevent Window Ice Buildup in Winter

How to Prevent Window Ice Buildup in Winter

Thinking back to the winters of your youth, as you would stare longingly at the snowy landscape, you might recall ice accumulating along the bottom of your window panes. Back in the day, ice buildup was just something that happened: a reality to be tolerated, more so than tackled. Nowadays, we know better. Now we […]

4 hot interior design trends for 2018

If the onset of spring is making you think about giving your home a revamp for 2018, then you may be interested in some of the hottest trends that this year has to offer when it comes to interior design. Industrial chic Whether you have laminate floor, polished concrete or distressed wood, injecting a little […]

Choosing A Good Home Renovations Contractor

It takes a little time to locate the best contractor for home renovations. The task of renovating a house is much more difficult than it seems. Though it may appear easy when drafted on paper, the execution is actually a very difficult process, as it may suffer from unexpected issues like weather and structural problems. […]

Insulation Companies in Whitby and Bowmanville

blown insulation

Whether you have a home in Whitby or a business establishment in Bowmanville and need the best quality insulation for your building, you will find renowned insulation companies that can meet your needs. They are known for providing affordable and efficient insulation for residential and commercial clients and it is usually installed by professionals. Whether […]

How To Find A Good Fence Company in Burlington


Whether you are looking to build a new fence, or simply upgrade the existing one, you may be wondering just how you will find that ideal fence company in Burlington. Due diligence and extensive research will be your two best allies in locating the best fence company in your local area. Here are some key […]