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Category: Home and Garden

How to Eliminate Common Household Insects

Bugs in and around your house are the worst. They can turn a nice day sour. Not only do they bite and form itchy red lumps on your skin, but insects can spread diseases. Although it’s probably impossible to eliminate every bug from your home and yard, there are a few things you can do […]

Picking the Right Adhesive for the Job

There are many kinds of sticky, from tile adhesive and sealant to wood adhesive as well as products such as ‘nail cost-free’ items, but you have to make sure you make use of the appropriate one for the ideal task or your job may stop working. Here are some pointers to aid you select the […]

Home Renovations To Take On in the New Year

You may have put aside your plans for home renovation projects, but the new year is the ideal time to fulfill your resolutions and begin remodeling. Remodeling can create a unique atmosphere in your home and increase your property value. If you’re inexperienced with construction projects, you may have to hire contractors to renovate your […]

Tips for Finding a Recliner

Lounging in your recliner at the end of a long day can make you feel relaxed. They offer the perfect place to watch a movie, read a book, or fall asleep. Finding the right one for you isn’t as complicated as you would expect. Go into the store with some considerations in mind, and you […]

3 Hidden Dangers That May Be Lurking in Your Home

You work hard to keep your home clean and safe. Sometimes, though, there are hidden dangers that you can’t see. They permeate the air, linger on surfaces and lurk within furniture and bedding. Identifying these hidden dangers is the first step in getting rid of them, and knowing what to look for makes it much […]

How To Open a Rooftop Restaurant

For many people, a rooftop is one of the most appealing places to dine. You get a beautiful view of the scenery and a relaxing (possibly romantic) display of the stars for added ambience. Here is some advice to help you build your dream restaurant. Construction If you plan to open a restaurant on a […]

How Often to Change HVAC Filter

One of the easiest and most important aspects of HVAC maintenance is regularly changing out the filter. When you purchase a standard type of HVAC filter it’s likely that the instructions on the package will suggest that it needs to be changed every 30 days. Upgrading your filter beyond a standard fiberglass design could mean […]