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How to Successfully Merge Vintage Furnishings with Other Design Styles

Many individuals love finding vintage pieces that they yearn to place into their homes. Antiques have been popular for centuries, and vintage furniture is often crafted exceptionally well. Antique furniture is again making a huge comeback. More homeowners today are mixing their favorite and timeless vintage furniture with more modern design styles like contemporary and […]

5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Are you looking for ways to update and modernize your home without full on renovating? Here are a few relatively simple and cost effective ways you can upgrade your home and make it completely fresh and current: Upgrade Your Bathroom If your bathroom looks dingy and outdated, you can easily update it without having to […]

6 Different Ways to Photo Finish Your Bedroom Walls

A picture paints a thousand words. It can convey a message without actually talking. With this, it also makes a nice décor, even in the bedroom. It gives life to the walls and makes your personal space more relaxing. This is also the reason why decorative photos will make excellent gift ideas to consider. Thinking […]

A Spring Home Repair You Should Never DIY

Spring ushers in ambition. People tired of being cooped up inside all winter are ready to get outdoors and tackle all sorts of home improvement projects. It feels wonderful to put on your warm-weather clothes, a little bit of sunscreen, and head outside to show your home and yards some TLC. One thing you shouldn’t […]

Why Choose a Double Glazed Front Door?

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When asked to think about double glazing, most people will think about windows. It is true that windows are the most common places for double glazing, however more people are looking to get their doors double glazed. Double glazing on your front door protects against heat loss and sound pollution – and it also looks […]

Three Different Looks for Subway Tiles

It was way back in 1904 when Heins & La Farge designed the classic rectangle from which the subway tile was born. Since then, the subway tile has never lost its style or functionality. You will have seen these tiles in kitchens and bathrooms up and down the country – and for good reason. Subway […]

The fascination for hand crafted decors

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No matter how modern the product becomes or what new technologies are being used in the making and designing of decorative items, the love for handcrafted items does not seem to lose its craze over the years. People still have a soft corner for the amazing craftsmanship that they get when they buy something that […]

Tips to Remember When Tipping Your Painter in Ancaster

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Tipping professionals shows your appreciation for a job well done, as well as your generosity. Many professionals expect to be tipped, including waiters and taxi drivers. However, house painters in Hamilton do not expect to be tipped. As a matter of fact, receiving a tip for them is more of an exception than the rule. […]

Why is Tile A Better Choice in Ottawa?

ceramic tile

Tile is highly affordable, adaptable and can suit any number of settings. It is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because these areas are prone to spills, but it also works efficiently in living rooms and bedrooms. In this article, you will learn about some major benefits of ceramic tile in Ottawa. First of all, it […]

A Beautiful View to See Your Future

There is nothing like having a beautiful view from your home in order to allow yourself time to relax or enjoy a comfortable breeze. A peaceful view is said to release stress or lower or stabilize blood pressure. It ensures our peace of mind when we have a sense of tranquility from looking outside of […]