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Best 1.5 Ton Hitachi Window ACs in India

Normally summer in India starts in early March and lasts till June. This period of scorching heat is extremely uncomfortable.  Do you feel an air conditioner is a luxury that only the elite can own? Definitely not! With the temperature soaring, buying an air conditioner is the best response that you can offer. The market has some of the best-recognized powerful window air conditioner models from top brands which can make your summer a comfortable one. Window AC 1.5-ton price in India is low if you choose Hitachi. The price range of 1. 5 ton window ACs by Hitachi Cooling and Heating is reasonable.

To make your investment worthwhile, you need the best priced window 1.5 ton AC in India for your home that takes care of you with soundless sleep.

Best 1.5 ton Hitachi window ACs:

  • Hitachi RAW218KYH Kaze Plus Window AC 1.5 ton: Hitachi Cooling and Heating offers innovative and efficient products so that all the customers are enjoy a cool and comfortable This model from the Kaze range comes with a capacity of 1.5 ton and in white colour. It has an intelligent cooling system and keeps on altering the temperature according to your body requirements. This model offers a silent cooling system that means peaceful sleep.  This feature loaded model comes with Hot and Cold technology which is capable of maintaining desired indoor temperature across a wide working temperature range of -15 degrees celsius to 52 degrees celsius.
  • Hitachi Shizuka RAW518HDEA 1.5 ton: The latest innovation brought by Hitachi Cooling and Heating in the form of Shizuka range. This one is an inverter expandable technology air conditioner that comes with a capacity of 1.5 ton. It is designed with unique features and a premium handset for amazing access. It is an eco-friendly air conditioner packed with features in all ways. You get to enjoy features like filter change indicator, stabilizer-free operation, Penta sensor technology, tropical design, superfine mesh filter, auto restart, auto fan speed, and defrosting sensors. In addition it comes with an amazing warranty of 10 years on the compressor.
  • Hitachi summer QC RAV518EEDO 1.5 Ton AC: This model is a beautiful window AC from the Summer QC range of Hitachi Cooling and Heating. This range is designed to give a uniform cooling and you experience the best comfort indoors. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 ton and takes the desired temperature before the preset time. The additional features that you can expect are Twin airflow, Kamin Technology, filter clean indicator, auto power save mode, wireless LCD remote, power index, and wireless Remocon. It is packed with amazing benefits and the performance is worth investing in.

Wrapping up

With Hitachi Cooling and Heating, you get the air conditioner that helps you save every day. This summer beat the heat with the powerful range of Window AC 1.5-ton models by Hitachi Cooling and Heating. Affordable and comfortable, what else can you ask for.

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