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Important Things to Consider While Buying A Water Heater

Using water heaters have become very common these days. In fact, people are using it in every season now for various purposes to protect themselves from germs and bacteria. It is really difficult to carry out simple works like cleaning and bathing without a water heater.

If you feel that you have used your old water enough then it’s time to replace it with a new one. We have ‘n’ numbers of water heater models available now and all of them have their own pros and cons. As it is extremely difficult to check each one of them, consider the below metrics while making your purchase.

  • Size: Choose the heater which fits perfectly in the space available. There is no meaning in buying a very big water heater when you don’t have enough space to fix it.
  • Storage Options: Almost all the traditional water heaters come with a storage tank, whereas the modern ones are tankless. The traditional water heaters are low in price, but not energy efficient. The only backdrop of the tankless heaters is they take some time to heat-up the water. In the traditional heaters water will be ready to use. Hence, you need not wait for the water to heat-up in this case. The tankless heaters are more energy efficient and little costly.
  • Storage Capacity: You should always choose the capacity according to the number of people you have in your home. Keep the water usage in view always before making your purchase. You can pick 25 to 35 gallons capacity water heater for single bathroom purpose. You should choose 60 to 80 gallons capacity heater if you have more than 2 bathrooms in your home.
  • Energy-Efficiency: It is better to buy certified products always to save your money in a long run. Buy the products which are certified by Energy star. All the energy star products are highly energy efficient.
  • Type: We have different types of water heaters available now on the market like solar heaters, heat pump heaters, tankless heaters and etc. Check which one serves your purpose better.

Fix your heater in a place where it can be easily accessible easily, because this will help the plumbers to access easily it if any repair occurs. Last but not least, compare the price of different heaters and pick the one which falls into your budget. Check the customer reviews of different water heaters on the market before making your purchase. Many people fail to do this and this is the reason why they end up buying the wrong products.


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