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10 Tips to Help You Undertake a Successful House Renovation on a Budget

When people undertake a house renovation, it tends to be for one of two reasons. Either you are looking to sell or rent out the property or make it a more practical and enjoyable living space for you and your family. Whatever the reason, there are certain things you can do to ensure the project reaches a successful conclusion.

You should plan your home renovation in the same way you would plan a business, especially if starting from scratch. If you hire an architect, they will usually plan it for you. However, if you want to save that cost, you should manage the project yourself. Included here are some tips on how best to manage the process to ensure you end up with a beautiful home that is completed on time and within budget.

Thorough Planning is a Key Component of a Successful Renovation

The key to keeping your renovation on budget and to the timescale you have outlined is to plan the whole process effectively. When renovating, you need to focus on both the bigger and smaller picture. A good starting point is to devise a renovation plan for each area of your home. So start by assessing your requirements and give yourself an end goal for each space in the house. After this, work out your overall goal then you are ready to move on.


When budgeting, always try and set yourself an upper limit. Always remember you must not overestimate your budget. Try and keep your budget underestimated, but always build in a contingency for unexpected issues that will undoubtedly arise.


Once you start looking around you will be amazed at the number of options you have when purchasing materials and furniture. Always try and take advantage of online shopping, auction sites and ex-demo options for bargains that will help your budget go further. Once you have finished your research and planning, it is time to get on with the task of renovating and re-decorating.

Natural Light Comes in Through Windows

In an ideal world, you would like to install new windows for the entire property. However, it is possible your budget might not run to new windows in every room. In fact, you may not be able to replace any of your existing windows. In that case, it is important to ensure your existing windows are repaired and repainted in line with the rest of your décor. Always ensure your windows are kept clean as this will maximise the amount of natural light coming into your home making it an altogether more attractive space.

Doors Create the First Impression

One of the first things visitors or prospective buyers will see is your front door. As a result, that is what often sets the tone. If you are unable to replace the existing front door with a smart new model, then a new coat of paint can make all the difference. When repainting a front door always try to use a shade that is sympathetic to the period detail of the house. For example bright garish colours are not usually suitable for houses built in the Victorian era.

Paint Affects Lighting

More often than not, when renovating a house, you will be looking for a new colour scheme. Try and keep colours in context with the configuration of each room. For example, rooms that do not have a lot of natural light will usually benefit from lighter shades.

Small Rooms Can be Made to Appear Larger

If your intention is to try and make a small house look larger on a budget, a great way of doing this is by the use of strategically placed mirrors. This is a relatively inexpensive but very effective technique that will make even the smallest space appear bigger.

Kitchens and Storage

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes in the modern era. As a result, when renovating it is important to focus on this area of your property. Making the most of your kitchen is one sure-fire way of adding value to any property. If your intention after renovation is to sell your house then a stylish and hygienic kitchen has proved to be attractive to potential buyers.

However, you may not be in a position to replace the existing kitchen. So, if you are redecorating your kitchen make sure you also declutter the space. This will allow you to maximise the storage to give your kitchen a more spacious feel. Another way to freshen up your kitchen is to consider repainting existing cupboard doors, which can make them look like new, and is much cheaper than buying a new kitchen.

Update Your Bathroom

You would be amazed at how many inexpensive, but quality products are available when you are looking to renovate your bathroom. If the purchase of new bathroom fitting is not possible, a bathroom can be made to look better with a few small fixes. Things such as regrouting tiles and repainting cabinets along with adding small touches like a new mirror will help enhance the look of any bathroom.

Renovate Your Floors

If you are on a tight budget then renovating your flooring may seem an unnecessary expense. However, having existing flooring restored or carpeting professionally cleaned can help give your home a fresh new look without it costing a fortune.

The key to inexpensive renovations is to set yourself specific targets and try not to deviate from them. Hopefully, the ideas we have suggested will help you if you are looking to renovate your property on a strict budget.



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