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3 Great Tips That Help a House Stand Out in a Competitive Market

It’s obvious that when you’re selling a home, you want to get the best offer you can. So how do you make your home stand out from comparable properties? These three tips help get your home ready to make a strong entry in a competitive market.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

Real estate expert consistently stress the benefits of improving a home’s curb appeal prior to selling. Good curb appeal gives a house some character and charm that prospective buyers just can’t resist. The most dramatic way to enhance the curb appeal of your property is to give your siding an update. Your local experts in stucco repairs Redding take care of the job, instantly giving your home a modernized appearance to impress all homebuyers.

  1. Make Quick Fixes

Homebuyers pay more if they feel that a home is well-maintained, which is why making minor repairs around the house is so important. Make any necessary plumbing repairs, like fixing leaky toilets or faucets. Complete cosmetic projects such as paint touch-ups and grout cleaning. The point isn’t for buyers to notice these individual repairs, but instead get an overall impression that your house is meticulously cared-for.

  1. Declutter and Organize

A house filled with clutter can give homebuyers the impression that your house doesn’t have enough storage space. Declutter and organize the items in all rooms of the house as well as in your garage, attic and all closets. It may be helpful to put your extra stuff in offsite storage during the selling process. When buyers feel as if a home has plenty of storage to hold endless amounts of things, they’re more likely to pull out the checkbook and make an offer.

Give your house its best chance of selling by completing the tips listed above. A little work upfront always pays off when the offers come in.


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