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5 Top Countertop Choices for Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Choosing countertops for a bath or kitchen remodel can be difficult. There are a lot of great options available to suit different preferences, budgets, and desired styles. To help simplify the decision, the following are five of the top choices, along with the advantages and disadvantages.


Marble countertops are made from natural stone, giving you a beautiful, unique look like those shown here at Kitchen & Bath by Design. They are also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. If you spend a lot of time baking, chopping, and cooking, you can do so without much fear of destroying your beautiful countertops.

Marble can be challenging to maintain, though. If something gets spilled and you do not clean it up immediately, it can impact the look and color over time. While you can seal marble, the sealant will not entirely prevent etching, but it can allow more time to clean up spills before they take a toll. It can also be quite pricey.


When marble is a little too high for your budget, travertine might be the answer. The look is similar to marble, but travertine is made from limestone. This makes it a more affordable option. It is still durable and comes in many colors to choose from. Also, it is typically easy to clean with soap and water.


Quartzite is similar to marble in beauty, but there are a couple of essential differences. Cleaning requires only soap and warm water, making quartzite much easier to take care of. It’s durable and resistant to normal wear and tears. However, it is more susceptible to scratches from knives than marble.


Soapstone is another popular option for countertops as it provides a rustic, warm look to a room. It is incredibly easy to clean as it is non-porous and, therefore, stain-resistant. It also has natural heat-resistant properties, making it great for kitchen use.

The biggest downfall is that it is one of the softest types of countertop materials on this list. This makes it susceptible to knife damage. If you usually cut food items directly on your surfaces, you might want to save the soapstone for the bathroom.


Quartz countertops are manufactured, giving you a wide variety of colors. It’s a very durable material, so it stands up well to normal wear and tears. It is also stain-resistant as it is non-porous, helping you keep your counters looking great longer.

All countertops provide some advantages and disadvantages over others. To choose the best option for your home, determine the most important aspects you are looking for: affordability, versatility, heat resistance, and similar features. Once you have completed this, it is much easier to make the best decision.


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