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Design Elements Every Game Room Should Have

Game rooms are a luxury that more and more homeowners are making space for in their homes. The theme of your game room will likely revolve around the games you choose to include. The more activities you add, the more use the room will get. However, make sure you have plenty of space around each game to move freely. After you decide on the games and overall theme of the room, then it’s time for the fun part, decorating. Here are three design elements that will fit into any theme and make your game room extra fun.

Vintage Lighting

There is something nostalgic about old lamps and light-up signs. Vintage lighting will instantly take you back in time to playing games at the local arcade or corner pool hall. Capture that feeling by adding creative lighting choices in your game room. Place a brass bar lamp Hayward CA above the pool table, or a neon sign next to an arcade game. Use light-up letters to make a sign for the wall. Pick lighting that is fun, rather than functional.

Built-in Bar

Having a built-in bar may already be at the top of your list. If it isn’t, because of a lack of space or interest, then take a minute to reconsider. You don’t need a grans wooden bar for people to congregate around if you know you won’t use it. Instead, you could repurpose a closet by taking off the doors, mounting open shelves and installing a small mini-fridge. You can stock it with soda and use glass candy jars as decoration. It’s not a game room without snacks and drinks.

Writable Wall

Choose a wall in the middle of the action to paint with chalkboard paint. It will not only be fun, but you’ll use it all the time. If a big black wall doesn’t match your style, don’t fear. Chalkboard paint also comes in white. Use the wall to list food and drink options, write messages and keep score for all the games you’ll be playing.


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