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Do You Know Why Viruses Can Affect Us Differently If Exposed Before?

The whole world is going through a pandemic situation due to a new virus called coronavirus and it has totally changed the way of our living. It is therefore not very surprising when various possibilities of treatments for this COVID-19 are always discussed, and people wonder what role the cannabinoids can play.

So far researchers could not find any relationship with any kind of CBD products that you can get from a CBD store can really make any difference to coronavirus. However, CBD helps to easy the symptoms like headache, body ache and so on. If you are looking for CBD oil UK, you can visit the JUSTCBD store online.

Researchers normally believe that some of the reasons why flu viruses attack us differently, that is linked to the very first strain of flu that we experience while as a young child. Researchers found that flu virus exposure as a child can offer some level of protection against many other related viruses of influenza for the rest of our lives.

The team of researchers who led the latest study included both Arizona and UCLA scientists. They discovered that any exposure to these flu viruses during childhood offers some level of protection to fight against any other related viruses of influenza throughout the person’s rest of life.

Actually, researchers refer to one phenomenon that someone’s past virus exposure can influence their future response that is known as “immunological imprinting.”

There are 2 types of viruses of influenza responsible for most of the outbreaks of flu over the last few decades that are known as H3N2 and H1N1. Typically, H1N1 can affect younger to even middle-aged adults, and H3N2 usually affects more to older populations.

Researchers have found in their study, those individuals who were initially exposed to H1N1 during their childhood will be less likely to get extreme symptoms of that virus during the later part of their life than people who were exposed to H3N2 for the first time. Exposure to H3N2 during childhood had also increased their protection against H3N2 during a later period in their life.

As per the lead author, UCLA professor in the field of ecology and also evolutionary biology:

“Just because of infection with one may result in the immunity system to be better prepare for fighting any future infection from any other, and the protection against any future infections will be much stronger when someone is exposed to the strains from the similar or same group and already has battled before.”

The basic reason behind this flu shot is immunological imprinting. Getting this flu vaccine will offer controlled exposure to the same virus in the hopes that symptoms will be less severe in case you ever come in touch with someone who must be having the flu.

Then your body will remember that it has already fought off that particular virus strain before. If you have been already exposed before, then you will have a much stronger defense mechanism if you are exposed again.

There is still much to learn whether such past exposure to any coronaviruses may influence our body’s response to this COVID-19.

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