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Helpful Tips for Painting the Interior of Your Home

Interior house painting isn’t intuitive, but it seems like it should be. After all, you begin painting in kindergarten. However, to achieve a professional-looking interior paint job, there are a few things you need to know and considerations you must make.

If you are ready to begin an interior painting Burlingame CA job, use the tips below to ensure the results exceed your expectations.

Clean the Surface Your Are Painting

Purchase a tack cloth, which is an affordable painting tool that will help you clean the surface before you paint or stain it. Tack cloth is a beeswax-impregnated cheesecloth that will pull off wood shavings, debris, and sawdust from the surface. If you don’t have a tack cloth, a damp cloth is fine, but make sure it isn’t too wet.

Purchase High-Quality Brushes and Roller Covers

Low-quality, cheap roller covers are going to leave lint and fuzz on the walls. If this happens, the paint will dry, and you are left dealing with bumpy walls that are hard to repair. Low-quality brushes will leave streaky brush marks, too. It is best to spend a little more money to get quality brushes.

Purchase a High-Quality Paint

When you see paint available for one price and comparable paint is five times as much, you may wonder what the difference is. Sometimes, low-priced paint is builder’s grade paints that have fewer solids than the higher quality paints. It is the solids that create a better paint. Be sure to know what you are buying and purchase the highest quality paint you can afford.

If you are unsure if you can handle the interior painting process alone, it is a good idea to hire the professionals. They will ensure you get the desired results and that the finished product looks amazing, no matter what part of your home you are painting.


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