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How to Find Common Leaks

Leaks can be the most annoying issues any homeowner has to deal with. Whether the leak is in the home itself, in the car or in a household item, knowing how to locate and stop the air or liquid from draining out quickly can save you greater headaches down the road.

Leaks Under the Home

If your carpet is inexplicably damp, you’ve lost water pressure or your hardwoods seem to be warping, you may have a leak under your house. To test for a water leak, turn off all sources of water in the house (toilets, faucets, dishwasher, etc.) and then check your water meter. If it’s still running, you most likely have a leak. Your best bet is to hire a professional who knows how to find a slab leak under your house.

Tire Leaks

A nail in a bicycle or car tire is obvious; small slow leaks in tires are not. Slow leaks are annoying because your tire will hold air for just enough time for you to forget that there might be a problem. To check for a leak, spray water mixed with liquid soap over all parts of the tire and look for the bubbles to form. Once the leak is pinpointed, if it’s small enough, it can be patched.

Air Mattress Leaks

If you fall asleep on a plump mattress and wake up on the hard tile, your air mattress probably has a leak. The leak is most likely small and hard to see. You can use the same soapy water spray technique that works with tires. Another method is to pump air back into the mattress and move a small square of tissue paper slowly over the mattress. When it flutters, you’ve found your leak. Circle the spot with a marker. For a quick patch, use duct tape.

Some household leaks are expensive to fix and some can be dealt with quickly and cheaply. Your best defense against leaks is knowing how to locate and stop them quickly.


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