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How To Stay Cool With a Canopy

On the very hottest of days, all you can think about is cooling off. Unfortunately, not everyone has shade trees nearby. One of the best ways of getting away from the heat is with an attractive fabric canopy. If you’ve never seen a retractable canopy in action, here are several ways to use one.

Over the Deck

Decks are a wonderful way to enjoy the backyard, but they receive the brunt of the sun’s rays. To keep your deck usable any time you like, a canopy is a perfect solution. With affordable retractable canopy pricing, your deck can be shaded whenever it’s too hot and retracted when you’d like a bit more sun.

On the Patio

Another spot that benefits from shade is an outdoor patio. Patios are great for dining and entertaining and with a cross-supported canopy, you protect your guests, food and expensive furniture. Canopies are made from durable fabric that comes in a variety of colors and can be retracted at any time.

Partially Covering the Pool

If you think there’s no respite from the sun while you’re swimming, think again! A swimming pool is an excellent spot to extend a canopy. Colorful canopies can stretch over 20 feet giving you a safe spot to swim to when the sun’s harmful rays get to be too much. Canopies are also wind and rain-resistant.

Atop Your Pergola

Pergolas are beautiful wooden structures commonly used as sitting areas in a yard or garden. The only problem is you get a direct hit from the sun. Fortunately, a pergola’s crossbeams are perfect for a canopy, transforming it into a cool refuge.

If you like spending time outside but are concerned about the sun, consider a high-quality fabric canopy. They’re perfect over pools, decks and patios and are retractable any time you want.


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