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Maintenance Tips for Water Heaters

Water heaters frequently run flawlessly for about eight to twelve years without any maintenance, making them easy to ignore. However, performing water heater maintenance yearly pays dividends by prolonging the tank’s life, and preserving the efficiency and safety of your water heater. If you’ve got any issues with your water heater, here are some suggestions to help with keeping it running:

Flush Yearly

It is critical to empty your water heater once a year since it allows you to clean out the tank inside and remove any sediment accumulation. Though sediment does not really harm a water heater, it has significant influence on the heater’s overall performance. To efficiently drain your water heater, turn off both the water supply and the power to the water heater. After that, drain the leftover water from the tank. Allow the water temperature to cool before proceeding. After cleaning the tank, you can refill it and switch it back on. Restart the water heater only after it has been refilled. Otherwise, it will place undue strain on the heater by attempting to boil water that isn’t present.

Lower the Temperature

Most water heaters are initially set to a significantly higher temperature than is feasible. In reality, this can be harmful since it causes water to be heated to far higher temperatures than is safe, resulting in burns. Some water heaters are set to temperatures as high as 140°F when all conceivable applications for hot water may be met with temps as low as 120°F. Setting the temperature at 120°F will not only reduce your overall energy costs, but it will also avoid burns and damage.

Don’t Leave the Water Heater On for Extended Periods

People frequently prefer to leave the water heater on for extended periods of time, especially in the morning. The prevailing belief is that because everyone needs warm water before leaving for work or school, leaving the water heater on will save time. But that is untrue, since modern water heaters boil the water in less than 5 minutes. Because leaving the water heater on for lengthy periods of time would shorten its life, it is advisable to turn it on only five minutes until you need it rather than half an hour before.

Insulate Pipes

It is useful not only to insulate the water heater tank, but it is also important to insulate the pipes that link to the water heater. This is especially crucial during the winter, when pipes can become dangerously cold. Insulating the pipes may keep ice from forming in the pipes, which can result in burst pipes that cause massive damage. There are several simple methods for insulating pipes, which may help in safeguarding your entire building.

Check the Anode Rod Regularly

Inside the tank of large water heaters is an anti-corrosion anode rod. This rod collects rust and other contaminants in the water, protecting the tank from rusting or corroding. However, as a result of this, it becomes rusty every few years. Check the anode rod every three years and see if the outer coating of magnesium has corroded or if the inner steel core is exposed. The rod must be replaced if this is the case. The rod must also be changed if it is coated with white calcium deposits (which occurs whenever the water is hard) or if its thickness has decreased significantly to less than half an inch.

Get Regular Professional Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is critical for a variety of reasons. Your water heater is essential to the operation of your house, allowing you to do things like washing dishes and taking showers. You won’t be able to efficiently eliminate germs and fully clean anything without hot water. Proper maintenance can help to extend your water heater’s life span. It can also improve your water heater’s overall energy efficiency, which helps to reduce your associated energy costs. Regular maintenance also reduces the chance of breakdowns, ensuring that your life is disrupted as little as possible.

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