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Summer Home Energy Saving Tips

The ultimate goal of every homeowner is to live a comfortable life without incurring too much expense for it. Many desire a fully functioning HVAC system for cold and hot seasons without spending too much on energy bills. Fortunately, this can happen if they focus on the right strategies. It is possible to make home energy savings in summer. Below are a few tips that can work perfectly.

Never Skip Maintenance

Your AC will be at its best performance if it is well maintained. You should have your HVAC technician’s number on speed dial. Make sure to schedule a fine-tune session. Set reminders if you have to but never skip a maintenance session. These regular checks help identify potential problems before they become too difficult to handle. In addition, you will save a lot more on minor repairs with regular maintenance. What’s more, your unit will consume minimal energy since it works efficiently. In the end, the cost of air conditioning during summer will be way cheaper.

Constantly Replace or Clean Filters

Clogged filters are your worst enemy for energy consumption in summer. Remember, the goal is to ensure your unit functions optimally as this is the only way it will consume less energy and keep those bills low.

However, this cannot be achieved when the airflow into the system is compromised. Clogged filters restrict airflow and interfere with the AC’s efficiency. Monitor the filters closely and replace them as soon as needed. Doing so is even more crucial for people living in dusty areas and those with pets. You may have to replace the filters or clean them weekly, depending on the AC system. Clean filters promote better airflow hence more efficacy and less energy consumption/costs.

Set the Thermostat Correctly

Many people are tempted to set their thermostat at the lowest when it gets hot. However, this only works against you and leads to more energy consumption and cost. It is advisable to set the thermostat at the highest possible level for comfort. Experts recommend putting it at 78°F or more. Note that each degree of cooling setting increases the energy cost in summer by up to 60 percent, so the lower the setting, the higher your energy bills. You could consider using ceiling fans or opening windows to let the breeze out instead of lowering the temperature.

Use Fans

While fans will not necessarily cool your body, they create a cooling effect. Fans will help push the cool air from the AC to the rest of the house, creating the illusion of a cooling effect. This is a cheaper way of cooling yourself without incurring more energy usage costs. The more you use fans instead of the AC; the lower your energy bill will be.

Close Curtains or Blinds During the Day

Hot summers can be scorching and unbearable. You will feel better when indoors. However, to support your AC and prevent it from overworking, you should consider closing blinds and curtains during the day when the heat effect is severe. Once the sun goes down and it has cooled a bit outside, open the curtains or blinds. Open the windows and try to get some cool evening air inside. Turn off the AC to give it a break on the unit and your wallet.

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