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The Top Signs You Need Your Septic Tank Pumped

If you have a septic tank, you probably know it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. However, you may wonder how often this service is needed.

The good news is, there are some tell-tale signs you can watch for that will let you know when it is time to call the professionals for septic pumping Citra FL.

Clogged Toilets

In some situations, your toilet may be clogged because you have flushed too much toilet paper or because something that should not be put down the pipes was flushed. However, if your toilet begins to back up with every flush, there’s obviously a problem. It is a good idea to have someone inspect your septic tank to determine if it needs to be pumped.

Slow-Flowing Drains

Another sign your septic system needs service is if your drains are not moving as quickly as they once did. If your septic system has started to back up, you will probably notice the problem in your shower, tub, or sink. The water won’t drain out of these fixtures as quickly as it used to, and your toilet may not flush as quickly, either. Seek service before the condition gets worse and the wastewater starts to back up in your house.

Bad Odors

One of the first signs your septic tank needs cleaning may not be seen but smelled. When your septic tank is healthy, it prevents bad odors from moving into your home. When you start to smell unpleasant odors, it is a sign something is going on that needs to be addressed.

Don’t wait to call for septic service. The more time that passes, the worse the situation will get. At the first sign of trouble, call professionals for help. They can inspect your septic system and let you know if pumping is necessary.


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