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Top 3 Electrical Mistakes That Can Damage Your Appliances

New appliances can be expensive. Thus, you would want to take better care of your appliances to make sure they last long. Improper handling of your appliances at home can lead to high energy bills and premature appliance failure.

Here are the top 3 electrical mistakes you should avoid to maintain the good working order of your home appliances:

Overloading electrical outlets

An overloaded outlet can cause a lot of electrical problems in your home. This happens when you plug two or more appliances into one outlet. Besides resulting in overheating, overloading outlets can also damage your appliances. Installing additional outlets is a simple solution to this common electrical problem in your home.

Forgetting to unplug appliances during a power outage

During a power outage, the first thing you should do is to unplug all your home appliances. Otherwise, your refrigerators and air conditioning units will become susceptible to damage due to voltage surges. Remember to wait for a few minutes before plugging in your appliances once electricity is restored.

For extended power outages, it would be ideal to completely shut off the power to your house. Locate your home electrical panel and switch the main circuit breaker off.

Not using surge protectors

Power surges put your electronics at risk. Using surge protectors can help protect and increase the lifespan of your electronics at home. Make sure to hire a licensed electrician to install a surge protector in your house.

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Electrical safety in your home should be your main priority. You can always partner with a reputable electrical company in your local area to educate your household regarding electrical safety and risks.

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