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What You Need to Know About Well Water

Water is a necessity of life. It is used for everything from cooking, cleaning and hydration. The source of your water may be different depending on where you live. Well water is a private source of water coming from a well located on your property. The well uses a pump so that the water can flow into your home. Because well water is not treated or maintained like city water, there are some things you should know if your home uses water from a well.

Test Your Well Water Once a Year

Because well water is untreated, it needs to be tested for contaminants. Test your water at least once a year to ensure it is safe to drink. Contaminated water can hold bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are invisible. These contaminants will affect your health negatively if left untreated.

Have Your Well System Components Checked

Your well has components that can wear down. These components have to be checked to ensure everything is working properly. There is a pump and pressure tank that needs to be inspected. When inspected, the technician will check for visible signs of corrosion. If the components are not working efficiently, you may not continue to have the water supply that you need.

Invest in a Water Conditioning Filter

A water conditioner is a kind of filtration for your water. It will stop crystals from forming on your fixtures and pipes. Different types of filters remove organic or chemical compounds. When you keep your water conditioned, your water tastes better. It also improves the quality of your water. You can find options for water conditioning Weston CT easily to ensure you have the best water quality for your family.

Be aware of the maintenance necessary for your well. Provide your family with the best drinking water available.

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