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Author: Judith O. Richardson

Benefits of Installing a Picket Fence

When someone mentions a white picket fence, what do you think of? For many Americans, this phrase conjures up an image of the past concept of the “American dream.” While not everyone agrees that having 2.4 children and a house with a white picket fence is the American dream, it’s […]

2 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathrooms have become sanctuaries where people can relax and unwind these days. However, if yours hasn’t been updated in a while, the room might not have the same effects. After all, looking at things like a chipped bathtub, crumbling tiles, and peeling fixture finishes can get old in a hurry. […]

Benefits of Gutter Guards in Home Improvement

Many homeowners don’t think of their gutters until it’s time to clean them, or there’s a major storm. Sometimes, we get to them when it’s too late, and then there is a really expensive problem. Gutters are intended to remove debris and water from the roof after bad weather, but […]

How To Mitigate Mold in Your Home

Among all the forces that can damage property, mold may be the worst. Toxic mold can creep into a structure and slowly sicken its residents. Given the potential dangers, it’s important that all homeowners take practical measures toward mold prevention. Causes of Mold Growth Basically, growing mold needs a warm, moist […]

Shearling Gilets Work All Year Long

One thing is undeniably true. When it comes to picking out pieces for your wardrobe, you want items that work for your needs all year long. You want pieces that can go from the cold weather as it arrives and still keep your warm when the temperatures really start to […]

Considerations Before Buying Impact Windows

Deciding on buying new windows should take adequate research. Getting impact windows Fort Myers for your property should entail opting for the right product to buy and install in your home. The appropriate purchase results in the right levels of protection. Are you embarking on the Naples Awning home improvement project? Find out what […]

Is CBD Products Legal To Buy Online?

Yes, you can buy CBD products online legally in the state where the CBD is legal to use. The CBD is derived from the hemp plant that contains 0.3% THC. Now, CBD oil is used for medical purposes because it helps to reduce chronic pain, relaxation, improve mood, alertness, and […]

Mistakes to avoid when composting with worms

Composting worms will help speed up the decomposition in bins. So many people want to achieve great results but end up making mistakes. Once you’ve got the hang of vermin composting, you’ll like it. You save the earth by reducing trash and create free fertilizer. You’ll even find your house […]