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4 Things To Do When Completing a Bathroom Remodel

Ready to revamp your bathroom to suit your lifestyle? This room can aesthetically please and provide an essential function if you take the time to tailor it to your interests. When this project is complete, you may find the space restful and enjoyable to detox from the day, helping you wash away your troubles.

  1. Reflect on Your Needs and Wants

Before you dive into an extensive renovation, make a list of what you want from the space. Do you need to move around better? Are you interested in adding storage? Write out the musts that this bathroom remodeling Neptune Beach has to have. Then, consider any intriguing additions that elevate the design or would be nice to complete.

  1. Establish a Firm Budget

How much can you afford to spend? Look over your savings, and decide what you want to put toward the project. Be reasonable and realistic. You don’t want to cut it too short, but you don’t want to overboard either. Reflect on your list, and see what it will cost to include your interests.

  1. Work With a Reliable Contractor

Interview licensed contractors who can tackle this project. Ask about their price, availability, skills and references. Don’t just take the cheapest bid. Consider quality as well. It may be worth it to wait a month for someone with a stronger reputation.

  1. Consider the Minor Touches

Sometimes small details give major impact. Can you add moulding or trim? What color do you want the walls? Pick out some nice towels and accent pieces that pop on the walls. The lighting makes difference too. Select a fixture that fits your style and stands out.

A bathroom remodel can be a satisfying project to knock off the to-do list. Be clear about your desires and work with professionals to make it happen.

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