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Benefits of Carpet Over Tile

For homeowners trying to decide which flooring to purchase, the question of carpet vs. tile looms large. When it comes to buying carpet, how do you know it’s going to outperform tile in any significant way? Homeowners will often make the mistake of going with tile to save on cleaning costs and maintenance, assuming that money spent on regular carpet cleaning from Massey’s Chem-Dry will significantly add up within a few years. However, the truth is that when it comes to cleaning, carpet has tile beat in more than one area. If you’re trying to choose between tile and carpet and simply don’t know where to turn, here are a few reasons why carpet is the superior choice for your home flooring.

It’s Actually Cleaner

Many proponents of tile floors will make the claim that tile is more hygienic than carpet by virtue of being a flat, easily-cleaned, non-porous alternative. However, this isn’t the end of the matter. While carpet does create the potential for bacteria to burrow deep inside the fibrous rug base and make a home there, this isn’t actually a bad thing. While consistent carpet maintenance is extremely important, allowing your rug to act as a filter is actually a helpful way to make sure allergens like pollen and dust mites don’t end up polluting the air in your home. Tile, on the other hand, allows dust and bacteria to become airborne more easily.

It’s Safer

It’s Safer

It’s no secret that carpet provides the most comfortable and safest padding under foot, especially in less ideal situations like slip and falls. While this might not seem like the best reason to choose carpet, it could end up saving you or a loved one a trip to the hospital in time, especially if you live with an aging parent or a small child. Children’s rooms and nurseries tend to be padded for this very reason: When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, why take risks?

It’s Warmer

Tile may look sleek and elegant in a kitchen or bathroom, but when it comes to harnessing heat and warming up a room, carpet is the best choice for getting through cold, hard winters. Unlike tile or hardwood flooring, carpet is able to trap the heat in any room, creating an instantly warmer atmosphere without needing to turn up the thermostat. This is an especially important advantage during cold winter nights when the feeling of cold bathroom tile can create an unpleasant chillness on contact. Why deal with impossible-to-heat rooms and high heating bills when you can install a cozy carpet instead?

It’s More Cost-Effective

It’s More Cost-Effective

Although many homeowners assume that carpeting is more expensive to maintain because of cleaning bills, in the long run, tile ends up being the more costly choice. Since carpets allow a home to be more energy efficient in the winter, they’ll end up saving you money on heating bills. You’ll also be able to breathe easier in rooms with carpeting due to their natural filter effect when it comes to pesky airborne allergens.

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