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Best tips for choosing the material of your carpet

The choice of the material of your carpet will determine:

  • – his behavior in time
  • – resistance to wear and crushing
  • – his comfort
  • – its ease of maintenance

There are two types of carpets in ITC carpets: those in natural fibers and those in synthetic fibers. Carpets woven with natural materials (wool, silk, bamboo, coconut …) offer interesting qualities. Carpets made of wool and silk, for example, are particularly resistant. Take into consideration if you have a large family or if the carpet is going to be placed in a passage area.

The synthetic fibers used in the manufacture of carpets are generally polypropylene, polyester or polyamide. Their advantage lies mainly in their price, low compared to a carpet made of natural fibers.

The quality of a carpet also depends on its method of manufacture. Ancestral modes of manufacture are knotting and weaving, while tufting is a more recent technique.

To put it simply, in the end, what guarantees the quality of a rug is its weight and density. The higher its weight and the higher the density of its locks, the more the carpet will be resistant to the wear of time.

Modern synthetic fibers are extremely strong and easy to maintain. In contrast, natural fibers are more comfortable, softer, more elastic and more beautiful.

Natural materials: healthy and of superior quality 

– high resistance to wear and crushing
– excellent insulation properties (phonic, thermal)
– hygienic
– comfortable
– easy to maintain
– flame retardant
– antistatic.

Silk: soft, strong and shiny.

Cotton: absorbs moisture, without deforming and remaining dry to the touch.

Synthetic fibers: ease of maintenance and variety of styles 

Acrylic: good resistance to crushing and dirt. Appearance close to wool.

Polypropylene: good resistance to stains and moisture.

Polyester: soft to the touch. Not very suitable for large parts.

Take, for example, a carpet to be placed in the dining room, it is under the table, often trampled, so it will wear faster than another. Similarly for the carpet installed under your coffee table or near your sofa, dedicated to everyday use. To avoid this, take solids such as wool, which are resistant to wear and crushing.

If you take the room now, you can choose thicker and more comfortable carpets, for the pleasure of your feet, here all materials are allowed!

At the moment, green materials, natural fibers have the rib in carpets. But you can choose more traditional subjects very well.

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