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What Type Of Carpet Is Best For A Basement?

The right basement carpet can completely transform a below-ground space from dingy and dusty to elegant and inviting. If you’re planning on using your home basement for more than just storage, choosing carpet that looks great and can fight moisture and mold with the best of them can help you turn your basement into the perfect space for entertaining, hanging out, or even lodging a new tenant. Of course, choosing a carpet that will actually be able to stand up under damp and dodgy basement conditions isn’t an easy job. Whether you plan on getting your basement carpet cleaned regularly by Dr. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning or want something that won’t need a lot of maintenance work, you’ll want to have all the facts at your disposal before picking a carpet that just doesn’t work for your basement space. If you’re ready to spruce up your newly-finished basement bunker, here are some tips for finding the perfect carpet types.

Synthetic Fibers are Key

No matter where you live, your basement is bound to be a damp, dark place where tons of moisture and mildew gathers. Even if you try to keep your basement as clean as possible, there’s a high threat of moisture buildup simply due to the fact that your basement is located below ground. Any bad weather, flooding, extreme cold or muggy heat could result in a disaster for your basement. That’s why it pays not to take chances with your below-ground carpeting, especially if you’re planning on making your basement a truly livable space. Getting synthetic fiber rugs will help ensure that your rug doesn’t end up a moldy, smelly mess at the end of a year. Since synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are mold and mildew proof, you won’t have to worry about obsessively cleaning and drying your area rug each time you have a spill or when there’s a storm outside. If you’re worried about your basement getting too damp, be sure to keep the space well-ventilated by using fans and dehumidifiers regularly.

Moisture-Proof is Best

Even with a synthetic fiber rug, you’re not totally safe from staining and dirt buildup. If you’re looking to turn your basement into an entertaining space, going for a stain-proof rug is always a wise move. Setting up a living room, guest room, or even entertainment center in your basement is a great way to use the space, but you don’t want to worry about the implications of every spill and stain on your rug, especially if you’re paranoid about insects and moisture buildup. A stain-proof rug will help you take care of any cleanup in an instant. The fibers of these rugs are tightly knit and help push up and literally reject any type of liquid or solid stain. You won’t have to worry about wine stains, coffee spills, or messes left by pets. Stain-proof rugs don’t just make it easy to clean stains, they make it much easier to actually tend to a stain when it happens by allowing the offending material to pool up instantly.

Keep It Warm

Basements tend to get chilly in the winter and stuffy in the summer. While you might not have the best access to ventilation in your space, you can certainly use your home rug to your advantage by creating a warm, temperature-controlled environment that won’t create a ton of humidity. If you’re looking to warm up a space, choose a synthetic fiber rug with padding to protect your feet from the harshness of the concrete or wood underneath. Padding won’t just help to keep things toasty and dry. It will also help to muffle sound, protect your rug, and keep your floors in great condition.

Don’t Over-Carpet

Just like in any room of your home, you don’t want to overdo it with carpeting. Wall-to-wall carpet might be nice in a living room, but if you’re trying to make a basement space livable, temperature-controlled, and moisture-free, the less clutter you’re dealing with, the better. Choosing a large area rug rather than wall-to-wall carpeting will help the space breathe. You’ll also be able to use certain spaces of your basement for storage and not have to worry about ruining your rug. As long as your basement is finished and doesn’t have a gigantic humidity problem, you can choose any number of stylish rugs, from authentic Persian area rugs to Saxony carpeting. If you keep the space dry and clear, you won’t even have to spend too much time on maintenance and dusting.


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