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Category: Appliances

What is a Security Camera?

A security camera is a digital or analog device that captures video or still images of events in order to protect your property or monitor your child’s activities. The most common use for security cameras today is to monitor entrances and exits of businesses, but they can also be used […]

Maintenance Tips for Water Heaters

Water heaters frequently run flawlessly for about eight to twelve years without any maintenance, making them easy to ignore. However, performing water heater maintenance yearly pays dividends by prolonging the tank’s life, and preserving the efficiency and safety of your water heater. If you’ve got any issues with your water […]

What You Need to Know About Well Water

Water is a necessity of life. It is used for everything from cooking, cleaning and hydration. The source of your water may be different depending on where you live. Well water is a private source of water coming from a well located on your property. The well uses a pump […]

Summer Home Energy Saving Tips

The ultimate goal of every homeowner is to live a comfortable life without incurring too much expense for it. Many desire a fully functioning HVAC system for cold and hot seasons without spending too much on energy bills. Fortunately, this can happen if they focus on the right strategies. It […]

3 Essential Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is the cultural hearth of your home. Your kitchen is where your family gathers to enjoy food and drink. As your food cooks in your kitchen, the stories brought into your home culminate into one cohesive web of emotions. But functionality is essential, as it makes your kitchen […]