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Category: Carpet Cleaning

Top Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets often experience a lot of direct traffic that can result in dirt accumulation. Keeping your carpet clean is essential in maintaining its longevity and fresh look. Depending on your home’s foot traffic, you may need to clean your carpet professionally once or twice every year. It is always a good idea […]

Best tips for choosing the material of your carpet

The choice of the material of your carpet will determine: – his behavior in time – resistance to wear and crushing – his comfort – its ease of maintenance There are two types of carpets in ITC carpets: those in natural fibers and those in synthetic fibers. Carpets woven with natural materials (wool, silk, bamboo, coconut …) offer […]

What Type Of Carpet Is Best For A Basement?

The right basement carpet can completely transform a below-ground space from dingy and dusty to elegant and inviting. If you’re planning on using your home basement for more than just storage, choosing carpet that looks great and can fight moisture and mold with the best of them can help you turn […]

How to Remove a Milk Smell from Carpet

They say there’s no reason to cry over spilt milk but anyone who’s done just that on their carpet knows that the smell is enough to bring tears to the eyes. The stench can permeate the entire house and it can become a real challenge to eliminate. It occurs when […]

Benefits of Carpet Over Tile

For homeowners trying to decide which flooring to purchase, the question of carpet vs. tile looms large. When it comes to buying carpet, how do you know it’s going to outperform tile in any significant way? Homeowners will often make the mistake of going with tile to save on cleaning […]

Brief Overview of Carpet Types

Picking a home carpet can help you entirely reshape a room while giving it a new look and feel. But with all the different choices available to homeowners, how can you ever know if you’ve made the right choice? From different styles to different fibers, there’s a huge range of […]

What Type of Carpet Is the Most Durable?

  When you install new flooring in your home, you know it won’t last forever, but considering the expense, you certainly want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Hard flooring generally lasts much longer than plush carpeting, but it’s not very comfortable or warm, and it tends to […]