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Category: Storage

Three Benefits of Abandoning Your Oil Tank

You want your property to remain damage-free while being environmentally safe, yet you have a pesky oil tank in your yard. Though inactive, it still houses a multitude of potential problems. The main issue with inactive oil tanks is that if they become rusted or sustain water damage, holes will likely be created. Having holes […]

A Special Place for Women to Call Their Own

For some time now there has been a lot of talk about man caves, a space in the home for men to hangout and setup to their liking without any woman’s influence. Now the time has come for man caves to take a back seat because women are getting their own special spots. These spots are […]

How Best to Pack and Prepare Your Items for Self Storage

Self storage presents a lot of advantages for everyone, especially if you are in the midst of preparing for a move and are not quite sure where to store items which are seasonal (such as winter clothing), sports equipment, fishing equipment, school supplies, old but valuable furniture, and so on. But preparing and packing your […]