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Different Types Of Glazing For Windows

Every homeowner in the market for new windows has a lot of factors to weigh in their decision. There are the cosmetic aspects to consider such as window types, sizes, and frame color along with the functional and money-saving advantages that come with an installation of this product. But one […]

Are Window Air Leaks Costing You Money?

Are Window Air Leaks Costing You Money

For homeowners looking to save money on heating and cooling, every penny counts, especially during the summer and winter months. You might be fastidious about cutting corners in every other area of your life, but when it comes to protecting your home and protecting your wallet, not attending to a […]

Toronto Glass Companies

window repair

If your home or business is based in Toronto, you will find glass companies that offer great quality glass products and trustworthy, efficient and reliable services for clients with different glass needs. They have different glass options that will increase the security, comfort and elegance of your home. Whether you […]

How to Choose New Windows Based on Your Climate

Throughout the year, your home’s windows do more than simply let the sun in. If chosen well, they can actually protect your home from damage, decrease your risk of high sun exposure, and increase your house’s curb value over time. That’s why it’s so important when looking at different types […]

How Are Block Windows Made?

Homeowners considering replacement windows have many different choices available, but one of the more uncommon options that is growing in popularity is block windows or glass block. Unlike other window options, the typical reason for going with glass block is to obscure the view into or out of the area […]