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How to generate less garbage at home

In Mexico, more than 10 million cubic meters of garbage are produced monthly, deposited in more than 50 thousand legal and clandestine garbage dumps that directly affect our quality of life. The house is one of the places where waste is generated the most and that is why it is important to ask ourselves some questions: Is it possible to reduce waste? Is everything we buy really necessary? Before buying, we analyze whether or not it is disposable? Can we reuse fill, return or recycle? Everything we acquire has a direct relationship with what we throw away. Consuming rationally, avoiding waste and using only the indispensable, we collaborate with the care of the environment.

Today almost 80% of the waste generated is recyclable, and at least half is of domestic origin. That is why it is essential that we have control over the waste which we produce in the home. It is important that at home we pay attention to the time of littering to avoid further contamination. The selection of garbage is the most effective method to facilitate recycling, as an important part of urban waste is made up of materials that can be selected with ease. These, in addition, constitute recoverable raw materials such as paper, cardboard, glass or plastic. You can use garbage removal service from your home. One of the most famous services is rubbish removals Cardiff who provides the efficient service at best rates.

15 ways to generate less trash at home

  1. – Avoid buying products with useless packaging.
  2. – As far as possible rejects the bags that give when we acquire a product that can be carried in the hands.
  3. – Try not to waste food when it is cooking. Much of the waste that is generated in a home has to do with food and that can actually be used without problems.
  4. – Products with a bigger presentation help to save, especially plastic. Take into account this detail when buying mostly food.
  5. – It is preferable to use glass crockery and cloth napkins, so you will avoid the garbage produced by unicel elements or disposable napkins.
  6. – Try to use the specific bags to go to the supermarket, in any case the accumulation of plastic bags is recommended.
  7. – Separate the waste to recycle it correctly and crush the cardboard and plastic containers, this reduces the level of garbage up to five times.
  8. – Storing food in glass containers helps reduce the level of plastic, non-stick paper and plastic bags.
  9. – Reuse the shoe boxes to store items that are scattered around, this also helps a better organization.
  10. – Take advantage of the paper that is used to the extreme. Reuse it as many times as possible.
  11. – Whenever possible do not print documents or photos, just observe them directly on the screen.
  12. -Disposable diapers are very useful, but they take up to 500 years to degrade. Although they are less practical, the cloth significantly reduce the consumption of garbage in a home.

13.- The towels or sheets that are no longer used, so as not to become waste, can have a second use as old rags to be used in the kitchen or in other jobs where they are of interest.

  1. – Use glass containers (mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.) to store species or other small foods to avoid generating more waste.
  2. – Plastic is one of the most harmful materials for the environment, which pollutes more and generates more garbage inside a home. There are more than 100 possible varieties. Avoid consumption is important because it takes a long time to degrade and is very polluting.

The most effective alternative has to do with the conscience of each citizen since if more recyclable products are purchased, the volume of garbage will be reduced. Recycling them is the best way to minimize the volume generated each day.


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