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Things to Do Before the End of Office Tenancy

Office spaces can be bought or rented. In many cases though, they are just rented. It is easier for the company to move to a bigger and better space if the opportunity presents itself. Buying a space would be impractical especially if the company has plans to expand in the future.

Once the company has decided to move to another location for whatever reason, it is important that all transactions with the previous landlord are settled. Here are some important tips to remember at the end of the tenancy.

Check the contract

You are allowed to leave the place prior to the end of the contract. However, you still need to pay the remaining amount or else you are no longer eligible to get the deposit fee. You might want to leave earlier though so you can settle in your new office space.

You might also want to check the contract extension clause as there could be a line stating that you are allowed to extend at a lower monthly fee. Take this into consideration especially if you don’t want to spend more on office rental. It might be wise for you to just stay instead of move to a different place.

Have the entire place cleaned up

Once you have decided that it is time to move, you need to have the place cleaned. You can find a company providing commercial cleaning in London to do the job. You just have to make an appointment in advance and they will be there on schedule to make sure that the place is totally clean. Of course, you need to have all your personal belongings removed and all other office items inside before cleaning is done. Your employees must not have forgotten anything.

Schedule an inspection with the landlord

You definitely have a clause in your contract stating that you are not allowed to vandalise the place or destroy the walls, ceilings, etc. Renovation might not be allowed either. As such, you have to schedule an appointment with the landlord, so you can check the place together and see to it that nothing was damaged. You don’t want to be surprised later, being charged with violation of the contract for something you clearly did not do.

Finalise the bond refund

The bond or deposit should be paid back to you as soon as the final inspection is over and there is nothing to complain about. The money might not be available on the same day, but you can sign a document saying that everything was inspected, and you will soon get the bond.

Pay everything and change the address

You have to clear all utility bills. If you happen to use the same company for internet, phone and other services, tell them that you have decided to move and give them the new office address. You also need to tell them if you have decided to cancel their services.

Make sure everything related to your old office space is dealt with before you finally leave the building.

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