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Bamboo poles- the source of innovation in the modern world

After reading the title, you might be wondering about what are Bamboo poles? These are natural sticks and pipes. Bamboo poles are used for decorative and construction purposes. Bamboo poles are hollow from inside, lightweight and durable.

What are the sources of Bamboo Poles?

Natural Bamboo Poles are obtained from various natural perennial plants. And bamboos are considered among the fastest growing plants.

Significance of Natural Bamboo Poles:

These are highly significant because of their good economic value. These are the most versatile among many other raw materials. Strength of bamboo is usually compared to that of timber.

Natural Bamboo Poles are cut down into small pieces and taken in diet in some places.

Do you know about bamboo poles of nylon?

Nylon is basically a synthetic polymer.

Bamboo poles made up of Nylon are called Nylon Bamboo Poles.

Bamboo poles that are natural are now avoided because of global warming. We should also avoid using natural bamboo as it will decrease the number of trees. Instead, we can use Nylon Bamboo Poles.

Properties of Nylon Bamboo Poles:

These bamboo poles have following properties:

  • These have fire resistance, which indicates safety.
  • Nylon Bamboo Poles do not need maintenance oftenly.
  • You can choose your favorite color from different colors.
  • Installation is very easy; no specific or trained staff is required.
  • These are long lasting and very light in weight.

Uses of Nylon Bamboo Poles:

  • Nylon Bamboo Poles are extensively used for ornamental purposes.
  • Flooring and roofing are done with Nylon Bamboo Poles.
  • You can make an alluring wind chime with both Nylon Bamboo Poles and Natural Bamboo Poles.
  • You can create an eye-catching art work in your living room or garden with bamboo poles.
  • A hand-made bench of bamboo poles in your garden will surely add on to its beauty.
  • Cut down the bamboo poles as per your requirement and make some beautiful photo frames with it.

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