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Keep Your Pond Water Clean With These Tips

With the proper maintenance, your pond can stay clean all year round. This creates a beautiful landscape element for you to enjoy. The following tips will help you create a routine that manages the most helpful items in your pond environment.

Choose the Right Size Pump

One of the most crucial elements for pond health is the pump. The pump needs to be the proper size to manage the water amount in your area. It needs to stay free of debris and have the ability to circulate water throughout the entire pond. You may need a more in-depth enzyme therapy treatment if the pump stops working or you need to rejuvenate the habitat.

Keep a Healthy Fish Population

The fish in your pond can promote circulation and plant growth when there aren’t too many of them swimming around. When you notice the number of fish increasing, it’s time to send some elsewhere.

Eliminate Too Much Fish Food

Fish need food, but be aware of how much you are dumping into your water. Excess food can lead to decay on the bottom of the pond where it sinks before being eaten.

Balance Plant Life

Aquatic plants should cover about 50 percent of your pond to increase the health of your habitat. Too many plants decreases the oxygen levels in the water, which can lead to dead fish.

Clean Up Debris

Leaves, sticks and other natural material needs to be removed regularly to prevent the buildup of negative nutrients in the water that can lead to algae blooms.

Use the Right Filter

The filter you choose needs to match the size of your pond. It has to collect tiny particles and debris before they enter your pump and destroy your equipment.

With the proper care, your pond will create beauty for years.

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