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Is your timber window worth repairing?

Are your windows worth repairing?

The repair and replacement of windows get much attention, but the question if you need one or the other procedure stays open. In order to determine which of the operations you need, you should contact the specialists https://scottjameswindows.co.uk/sash-windows-repair-colchester/ for help.

Only professionals will be able to tell whether you need timber windows restoration or a complete replacement of your window block. A careful examination of the current state and work experience of employees are the key to high-quality results, as well as saving your money and time. Trust the preservation and installation of your original sash to experienced installers.

Main steps involved in repair process

Window sash repair is carried out in several stages. The first step is to determine the current state of your frames and other wooden parts. As a rule, at first it is necessary to dismantle your windows, and only then begin restoration work.

It is possible to obtain a high-quality result with strict adherence to the technology, which includes the following procedures:

  1. Assessment of the state of the wood. It is possible to carry out refurbishment of window sashes only after all bad areas have been removed. The effects of rotting after exposure to high humidity are removed by replacing them with new wood.
  2. Removal of voids. It is possible to connect the parts of your window frame with the help of epoxy resin. The composition is selected taking into account the profile, therefore it has the necessary properties.
  3. Updating deprecated elements. Cords, service pulleys, and other pieces are carefully inspected and replaced if necessary. The seal will need to be renewed to restore its insulating properties. Adjusting the balance and eliminating drafts will ensure a comfortable environment after re-installation.

The future maintenance of windows depends on the level of training of workers and the quality of performed work. By seeking help from Scott James, customers are sure to get a proper service that can make their windows easier to care for and use in the future.

Benefits of regular windows maintenance

Regular inspection of window frames and sashes influences your comfort a lot. Restoration and repair allows to improve the thermal insulation properties of your windows, which later affects the consumption of resources and materials for space heating.

Timely sash windows renovation also allows you to get rid of several causes of discomfort:

  • cold winter drafts;
  • noise from traffic and neighbors;
  • difficulty opening or closing windows.

Ease of painting and other mandatory procedures will help keep the exterior in good condition. The absence of squeaks, rattles and other unwanted sounds will make the use of windows more pleasant.

The renewal of the sealing layer guarantees economical consumption of energy carriers and the maintenance of a perfect microclimate all year round. Regular condition checks allow you to make timely decisions about improvements and reduce your financial costs.

Using such services in time, it is possible to make sure that your repair is carried out with high quality, and also not to overpay if you need urgent dismantling. The window unit, frame and window sill will always be taken care of, which means they will be protected from damage.

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