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Benefits of Installing a Picket Fence

When someone mentions a white picket fence, what do you think of? For many Americans, this phrase conjures up an image of the past concept of the “American dream.” While not everyone agrees that having 2.4 children and a house with a white picket fence is the American dream, it’s still a nice image.

The truth is, installing a white picket fence Brewster NY offers several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Keep reading to learn what those benefits are.

Durable and Robust Materials

You can choose to install a wood-painted picket fence or choose more durable materials, such as vinyl. Today’s vinyl fences will be able to stand up to adverse weather conditions and UV light better than wood. Also, this material offers a low-maintenance option. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t have to be repainted, and it won’t be damaged by moisture.

Style and Function

Most people visualize a picket fence creating a border around a well-manicured and cared for lawn. In fact, a quality picket fence can enhance the time and effort you have put into your home’s landscape. Also, thanks to modern designs, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the old-fashioned picket fence and get that modern twist that you will love.

In the past, picket fences were shorter and closer to the lawn. The goal was to keep people from cutting across your lawn. However, today, you can increase the height of the fence, which means your aesthetically pleasing picket fence can also serve as a privacy fence.

Installing a Picket Fence

As you can see, installing a picket fence offers several benefits. If you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above and others, then consider installing a picket fence. You can do this on your own or hire professionals to ensure the job is done efficiently and properly.

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