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3 Qualities You Need Look for in a Pet-Friendly Home

When you are in the market for a new house or apartment, don’t only look for places that fulfill your needs but those of your pets as well. Even if your new home has a spacious kitchen and a stylish bathroom, if it does not cater to your pet’s needs, it is not worth it. Your pets will lash out being in a stressful environment. You will need to deal with that on a day to day basis. If you think about your pet’s needs from the beginning, you will need to put in some extra work.

The needs of pets differ. It depends on the genus and species of your pet. Some types are entirely content with closed spaces, are quiet and relatively low maintenance. There are also types that are very active. Some of their needs can be fulfilled with your choice in toys, but there are a few that require extra elements that mimic their natural habitat.

  1. Ample outdoor space

For outdoor dogs, it is crucial for them to have a shelter outside that meets all their needs. If you have an outdoor dog, but experience harsh winters, letting them stay in your sunroom or washing area is a compromise for their housing situation. Having ample outdoor space allows them to do their business without worrying about cleaning up after them, or the smell.

Not all pets require going outside, but for dogs and cats, there is increasing popularity in giving them walks. Even if your dog or cat is an indoor type, playing with them outside could give them the necessary exercise needed to keep them healthy.

If you live in a busy city, look for possible alternatives. A small balcony or a park close by can act as a substitute for outdoor space. You can work on creating the best living or playing conditions to the best of your abilities.

      2.Waterproof floors

For your indoor situation, avoid getting a place with carpeted floors, or replace them if you can with waterproof flooring. Pets are messy. Poop, pee, vomit, and shedding, it is like cleaning up after children in their early years. Well trained dogs may keep their business contained to a specific area, but it doesn’t account for sicknesses. Waterproof floors are easy to clean, with a rag or a mop, and minimize the residual scents that come from flooring that is not sanitized properly.

     3.Sound-proofed walls

A pet-friendly home should also be mindful about how they affect other people. Having soundproofed walls in apartments and houses can give your neighbors some peace of mind. They might have children who are sensitive to sounds, or they have illnesses that require them to sleep early and deeply. The extra noise and volume of your pet’s bark or meow can disrupt their rest. Soundproofed walls will prevent any awkward confrontations about your pet.

Your new place does not need to remove the work of having a pet. It is hard to create that kind of environment when you are limited by location and price range. These three tips, on the other hand, are basics that can help you get on top of the challenges that come with raising pets. If it is good for them, it is good for you too.




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