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The Top Four Benefits You Could Get from a Granite Worktop


No one can deny that one of the most important highlights of your kitchen is your worktop. The worktop plays a central role in any kitchen. You can use it primarily as a surface where you can prepare your meals, but you can also use it as a table for studying, a desk, a snack table, and so on. This is why choosing the proper kitchen worktop is one of your most significant responsibilities if you want your kitchen to be efficient, pleasant, and inherently useful. Not only do you need a kitchen worktop which is easy to clean, but you also need a worktop that is durable as well as attractive. And while you may now have a lot of options in regard to kitchen worktop materials, a lot of homeowners still swear by natural stone, especially granite. So, what makes granite so unique, anyway? Here are the top four benefits you could get from a granite worktop.

  1. It’s a rugged, durable, and tough material

Granite is a strong and rugged material. When you think about it, your kitchen worktop will go through a lot of wear and tear – and it follows that you need a material which can withstand regular use. Fortunately, since granite is a hard substance, it can easily withstand heat, and it can even dull knife blades – it’s that strong, and that’s why it’s not recommended that you cut food directly on the granite surface. Granite worktops can handle heat, so if you accidentally place a hot pan on top of it, it will not be significantly affected.

  1. It’s resistant to stains and liquids

Another top quality of granite is its stain-resistance. Granite surfaces can easily handle liquid spills and stains, especially if the worktop is adequately sealed. Of course, if you want to be doubly sure about your granite worktop’s resistance to spills and stains, you should have it installed by a professional who can give it the sealing it needs.

  1. It’s beautiful

Real estate agents have been making use of granite worktops as a selling point for years, and this is because it is truly a draw for home buyers. If a home has a granite worktop, the value of the property can increase, as confirmed by the experts in kitchen worktops in Ireland from C & G Granite. The fact is, granite is not only a hardy material – it’s also quite beautiful. It’s an elegant material which is timeless in its appeal, and it can easily fit the theme of any home or property. Its beauty is distinct – anyone looking at a granite worktop can immediately tell that it’s a natural stone. Also, if you want your kitchen worktop to look even more unique, then you should choose granite, as no two slabs are alike. Granite comes in various shades which also makes it easy for you to choose the shade you want.

  1. It is easy to clean

Another draw for customers is the fact that granite is easy to clean. As already mentioned, it is not hard to maintain your granite worktop, as all it needs is warm water and gentle or mild soap or detergent. You don’t have to scrub the material until your hands are raw – it’s easy to clean it, especially since it doesn’t easily absorb spills or stains.

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