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How to choose an office chair

Whether you work at home or in an office, it is very important that you take into account which chair you are going to use, because in the long run it will impact your health.

The majority of workers have unfavorable ergonomic conditions in their jobs. The main problems detected are: the lack of ergonomics in chairs and work tables, poor location of computer equipment and prolonged stay in the same position.

The sedentary is one of the 10 leading causes of mortality and disability in the world.

If you are going to open an office or you are renovating it, take the opportunity to look for suitable furniture, it is a way to take care of the health of your employees, they will be safer, more comfortable and will be more productive.

Did you know that in 75% of jobs people have to be seated?

If you are an employee and there is no way that in your workplace you change a bad chair, consider buying it yourself, it is better to invest in your health than to endure daily back and long-term pain, decrease your mobility and independence due to limitations physical

Take into account the following tips to buy an office chair or pedicure chair:

Adjustment capacity

The greater the possibility of adjustment a chair has, the greater the probability of adapting to several people, since among your workforce there will be different sizes and heights.

The key points that should be adjustable in a chair are:

  • Height
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests up and down, outside and inside
  • Inclination of the backrest and forward


You must pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Comfort. The seat must be cushioned, so that it can adapt to the body of each person and should also be 2 to 3 cm wider than the hips.
  • Security and design. It should not be too long to avoid pressure on the back of the knees, preferably choose those that have a curvature at the edge that gives the knees.
  • Adaptability. It should not be too long to facilitate back support.
  • Cleaning. Look for a cloth that allows moisture to pass through, avoid heat and be easy to keep clean.


Before buying, try it. Do not buy a chair that you have only seen in a catalog, it may look spectacular but it may be poorly designed. It is common for manufacturers to pay too much attention to the aesthetic factor without considering the ergonomic needs. It should be noted that “the ergonomic” is not in the object but in the good relationship between it and the user, therefore the ability to adjust favors ergonomics.


You can choose to buy two models by inserting the corporate colors and giving your employees a choice, sometimes it is not always the same for two people.


Train your employees on how to adjust their chair. Since you are making an investment in the furniture and taking care of its characteristics for the welfare of your workers, recommend them to use it correctly. The general posture of the body should not have excessive tensions. The thighs should remain parallel to the floor avoiding pressure on the back. The feet should rest relaxed on the ground at a right angle, they should never be hanging.


The more complex a chair is, the more expensive it will be, quoted by volume in several places and get advice from a good seller to ensure that you will acquire a product that will have a long life and in good condition. Try to ask about repair costs and spare parts.You can also buy pedicure chairs for sale in cheap prices.

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