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How to Deal with People Who Discourage You from Being a Vegetarian

Practicing vegetarianism is a good thing. You can do so to take care of your health. You want to stay that way because you wish to live a long life and avoid diseases. In the process, you’re also protecting the environment. Raising cattle and poultry can do damage to the environment, especially with the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. People who eat vegetarian dishes also feel better and are fitter.

However, if you tell others that you’re practicing vegetarianism, they might discourage you from doing it. You will even get mocked because of your decision. Before you get discouraged or feel terrible because of what others say, you have to calm down and think of the right words as a response.

Explain your reason

Not all vegetarians have the same motivation for choosing this lifestyle. You can explain what motivated you to be one and what its effects are on your health. You can end the discussion at that. Don’t force others to also believe in what you have to say or to practice your lifestyle.

Focus on respect

If people start to mock you, it’s important that you highlight the importance of respect. You want others to respect your decision just as you respect their decision to eat meat. It’s not about your eating choices, but how you treat others who made a certain choice in life.

Hold on to your belief

It took a while before you decided that you would become a vegetarian. You even went through a lot before letting go of your old diet. You need to hold on to your belief and stay as a vegetarian. You worked hard to get to where you are now, and you can’t let a few words discourage you.

Take more action

Being a vegetarian is one way to protect the environment. You understand that this decision has a positive consequence for the environment. However, there are other things you can do if you want to protect the environment. You can start at home by differentiating trash in the bin. You can practice it with your kids so that recyclable materials will still be useful. Teaching your kids will also help them realize the importance of their actions. You may even choose the services offered by junk haulers if you want to dispose of your trash properly. Volunteering in various organizations focusing on environmental protection is a good thing. You understand that they need help and their causes are worth supporting.

By taking more steps to save the environment, you highlight the fact that your eating choices are consistent with your overall lifestyle. You can stop people from mocking you or telling you that you’re insincere. You show to everyone that you really care and you want them to do the same. You can argue with them the entire day, or you can just show them what you’re doing to be of help.

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