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Saving Money on Refurnishing Your Home After a Move

Moving can be expensive, and then there’s also the cost of refurnishing your home, especially if you’re moving into a larger space. Don’t worry because there are plenty of ways, such as these ideas from he Foam Factory, you can refurnish your home on a budget.

Revamp your seating

Something as simple as changing up your seating can make a big difference. For example, if you love your outdoor chairs but not the chair pads, replacement cushions can completely change their look for the better. Not a fan of the dining chairs as a whole but love the bones? Reupholster them.

Put the word out

You might be surprised how many people in your life would be willing to part with furniture they no longer want and at a steep discount, especially considering getting rid of furniture can be a cumbersome task. Ask and you just might receive.

Get your hands dirty

Say someone (generously) gives you an ugly blue end table, you find gorgeous but rusted candlesticks at a garage sale, or you spot a cheap scratched kitchen table at a thrift store. If they have a sturdy, beautiful foundation to work with, some sanding, painting, detailing, and cleaning could transform the pieces and make them look like you paid significantly more than you did.

Wait it out

You don’t have to refurnish your entire home all at once. Take your time and wait not only so you can find the best deals, but also so you’re buying pieces you adore rather than settling for sub-par ones just to fill the space. For example, shop at garage sales during the summer months when people are cleaning out and in September when stores want to get rid of back-to-school inventory.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to refurnishing your home after a move is not to panic about what the cost might be. It’s always possible to stick to your budget and find less expensive alternatives that work for you.

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