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Affordable Garage Door Make Over

Giving a new life to your garage door will not only compliment the value of your home but also create an inspiring front view. Since the garage door is a noticeable aspect in most homes, think about the makeovers that will bring an impressive transformation. You can employ cheap automatic door ideas to give it a fresh look.

Here are simple enhancements that will make your garage door look classy.

  1. Faux Wood Effect

If your garage door has stains, you can create a faux impact on the wood to create a convincing appearance on the outside. This is a simple DIY project that can require minimal time to complete; one humid afternoon is enough to achieve the best effect. Begin with cleaning the garage door with a power washer or a sponge. Use a brush to apply a coat of varnish on the stains. After the varnish has dried, you will achieve the faux wood effect. You can add a clear finish on the garage door once it has dried up to make longevity.

  1. Insulate the Garage Door

Perhaps you’d want to shift to an energy-efficient garage door. You can insulate the door to keep the interior warmer in the winter and way cooler during the summer. The level of insulation will depend on the items you store in the garage. Combined with an insulated wall and ceiling, you can reduce energy loses. Use material like vinyl weather stripping for sealing the sides and top of the garage door.

  1. Paint The Garage Door

Painting the garage door is an obvious factor that most homeowners overlook. You need to pick the right paint for this project. Wash the garage door with a power washer to remove the dirt and stains that may make the process messy. Use the appropriate paint for the door. The colour choice should be ideal and convincing. Use paint that is highly durable and UV light resistance. You will not need to apply a topcoat if you already have a quality paint for the makeover. Think of other surrounding things such as block trims or mailbox, which can be painted with the colour of the garage door to create an inspirational makeover.

  1. Connection To Home And Street

If your garage is taking centre stage in your home, or it is just next to the driveway, you can transform the door to create a welcoming face. This connection can be achieved by painting the garage door with a neutral colour that ties with the landscape accent as well as the sidewalks. The design of the garage door should match with the home details like the brick accents, the roof, and the hues on the shutters. This will reveal a unique appearance to the neighbourhood.


The garage project should be handled with creativity to achieve the best results. Remodelling your garage door alone will not make a significant impact.  You need to embrace uniqueness in all the makeovers based on how the garage door is constructed as well as paying attention to the surrounding landscape to add more depth and texture. While you buy tools to improve the garage door, you can also consider buying bedside tables Australia for your bedroom at comparative prices.

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