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Making the most out of your garage

As a nation we have become more and more dependent on our vehicles and as such the demand for properties that have garages attached has also increased. These garages are used for a variety of reasons and are built in a number of different ways with a number of different door mechanism such as those you can find at anAutomatic Garage Doors Letchworth company. Here are a few facts and figures about garages that you may or may not already know.


  • The word “Garage” was first found in the English language in around 1902 and originates from the French word “Garer” which means shelter. The word previously used would have been “Carriage House”.
  • The oldest garage found in the UK is located in Southport, Lancashire was thought to originate in 1899.
  • Around 70% of people (particularly in the USA) use their garage as their primary entrance to their home rather than their front door and only around 24% of people use their garages to store their vehicles. It is thought that around 53% of UK households have access to a garage with up to 75% of new build properties having garages installed that are too small for a modern car sizes, particularly family cars.
  • The overhead garage door took the place of the swing carriage door and was co invented by a gentleman called CG Johnson in 1921 and over the years this technology has advanced further and has led to an increase in Biggleswade Garage Door Repairs. The first example of the overhead garage door was displayed at the New York Automobile Show in 1923. CG Johnson has also been credited with developing the first electric door opener.

  • Many people start businesses from their garage and well-known examples include Amazon, Disney, Apple Asos and Harley Davidson.
  • A special surprise was found in a garage that had remained unopened for 50 years as a vintage car was revealed and was subsequently valued at £3 million.
  • Last year it is thought that around 71% of homeowners managed to increase their property price by replacing their garage door for a newer, more up to date version with the most popular colours for garage doors being white, blue and brown.
  • People use their garages for a variety of reasons such as to start a business, home gyms, sports and games rooms, to utilise for a summer room and to store household and garden items.

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