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Reasons Why You Need To Install a Garage Door

Doors are an essential feature in the house but are often overlooked in the design process. They are crucial to protect your car, property, and family from the outside elements. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a garage door.


There are many benefits to installing a new garage door, one of which is convenience. A garage door installed by professionals at Chris’ Garage Doors Denver ensure that it is secure, its warranty remains intact, and it will not be damaged too early. Also, if you are thinking of changing the look of your garage, a new door can make all the difference. Once you install it, your garage will become much more attractive.

You’ll also get additional functionality and space when you install a garage door. It can be an exterior entrance for cars, goods, and people. It can also be an added room inside your home. Installing another door gives you more room inside your house than before.

Energy Savings

You may be surprised that you can save money by installing an insulated garage door. Not only will it increase the temperature of your garage, but it will also cut down on your energy bills. The same principle applies to other items, such as the car battery. Car batteries operate best between thirty and ninety degrees, and this temperature range will extend their life. It is also beneficial for other items, such as cleaning supplies, motor oil, and paint, because extreme heat and cold can change the consistency of their materials.

Regarding energy efficiency, the garage is an essential part of a house. It provides extra square footage and safe storage space for vehicles and other items. However, an old garage door can be inefficient, damaged, or not insulated. Getting a new, energy-efficient door will prevent unwanted temperature fluctuations in your house and help the environment. Additionally, approximately 40% of U.S. energy is used to produce electricity, a process that creates greenhouse gases and pollution.


The garage door gets heavy use. It’s essential to ensure the safety of all those who operate it. Watch children closely and be careful not to allow them to play near the garage when the door is open. Don’t let them play near the garage, or it could be too late. They might accidentally press or drop the button twice if you see them playing with the garage door remote. If they get stuck between the panels, they could get injured if the door opens or closes.

If there’s a lubrication system for the lift cable assembly, follow the instructions in the installation manual. Lubrication can help prevent lacerations and amputations due to rough track and pulley assembly surfaces. Keep fingers away from the exposed surfaces, and don’t lean to one side when working on the lift cable assembly. Instead, use a sawhorse or another stable surface to hold the panels whenever possible.


Regarding curb appeal, garage doors can be an essential factor. An attractive garage door is a surefire way to increase your home’s appeal and value. Choosing a color for your garage door is essential as well. While a bold door may be attractive, it may not blend well with the color of your house. For example, a red garage door will look out of place against a home with tan siding. Also, choose a color that contrasts with your home’s exterior paint, such as white, to give the garage door a bolder look.


While the materials used for garage doors are inexpensive, the labor and material price vary widely. For example, a large door incorporating a fancy design will likely be more expensive than a smaller, simple one. In addition, installation generally takes two to four hours. Add an opener, and the cost can go up even more.

The style of the garage door will also affect the price. For example, some garage doors come with a window, while others do not. Windowed garage doors, which have tiny holes to let in natural light, cost significantly more than those without. Despite their increased price, these doors can increase your home’s curb appeal. However, a wooden garage door is an excellent choice if you have the budget. And remember to make sure the door is insulated to reduce energy costs.

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