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3 Things To Keep Your Home Safe During a Storm

Bad weather can happen at any time, whether it is a winter blizzard or a summer thunderstorm. These weather events can wreak havoc on your property, causing thousands of dollars of damage. If you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather conditions, it may be time to make some changes around your home to prevent damage. Read on for a few ideas of how to keep your home safe during a storm.

  1. Maintain Your Trees

Much of the damage to your home during a storm comes from falling trees and tree branches. If trees on your property are not regularly maintained they can have structurally unsafe branches that can fall on your roof or through a window when it is windy. Contact a company that does residential tree trimming Fort Wayne IN for an inspection and to get any unsafe branches removed.

  1. Secure Outdoor Furniture

You may not always know when a storm is ready, but being prepared to secure any outdoor furniture that might go flying will prevent any damage. Find ways to tie down chairs, tables and barbeques. You should also be prepared to quickly take down umbrellas and bring in cushions. A flying umbrella could be a hazard to your home or your neighbors’.

  1. Buy Adequate Insurance

Sometimes, despite your best attempts, your home sustains storm damage. Be prepared and have the right insurance to make any necessary repairs. You should evaluate your insurance needs every few years and if you make upgrades to your home, update your insurance to make sure it’s all covered.

Big weather events can be scary enough on their own. Reduce any worries about your home by taking care of the suggestions above. Be prepared for any weather event and keep your home and family safe.


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