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4 Gorgeous Trees That Thrive In Winter

Planting trees as part of your personal property has many benefits, even if you live where it gets cold in the winter. Want your landscaping to look like the Boreal Forest? Contact an experienced arborist like Chipps Tree Care and find out the best strategy for growing healthy, beautiful trees that increase your home’s curb value and bring your family pride and joy!

Trees That will Thrive in the Winter Cold 

Here’s a list of tree species which can be planted right into the soil and left outside in the winter, no problem.

  • Coniferous – Coniferous means that the tree is cone-bearing. These trees have scale-like needles for leaves and are quite different from hardwood trees. Hardwood trees usually do not have cones and the leaves are normally smooth and broad. Conifers are also called evergreens and will keep their foliage even in the winter weather, which is why they are most prominent in colder climates and biomes (such as the northern boreal forest). Below are a few well-known and aesthetically pleasing conifers that will thrive all year round.
  1. Atlantic white-cedar, which is also called southern white-cedar, is found in areas where there are bogs and freshwater swamps. Growing to 60 feet high and 20 feet wide, it is considered a large tree. Requiring moist and acidic soils, this tree does not do well in drought situations. Needles are pointed and thin, indicating that it is indeed coniferous.
  2. Douglas fir – Native to the Rocky Mountain foothills, this tree has been transplanted successfully in North America for many years. This tree will grow to a width of 25 feet and 60 feet high, with its pyramid shape allowing for the tree to stand out in any type of landscape. Common names used for the Douglas-fir are black fir, British Columbia Douglas-fir, and Douglas spruce.
  3. Grand fir – The Grand fir can grow up to 300 feet and has needles in two distinct rows in sprays. The cones are greenish-yellow to full green and can be 2 to 4 inches in length. Also used as Christmas trees by some when the holidays come around!
  4. White fir – The white fir’s attractive and attention-grabbing green-blue needles curve upward and outward and when these needles are crushed they smell like lemon. This tree is drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and handles the cold without a problem. The White fir can grow up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

In most cases, these trees will not need extra types of care in the winter time. If you are unsure of how your trees should be cared for, it is wise to contact a professional tree service. These are the same professionals that can help when trees need trimming, or you have tree stumps that need grinding.

Do not try to cut down or prunes trees if you are not familiar with the procedures as it can be dangerous for those who are not properly trained. Having your landscaping looking like the Boreal Forest is possible and can look quite breathtaking. It is possible to have gorgeous trees, even in the winter!

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