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4 hot interior design trends for 2018

If the onset of spring is making you think about giving your home a revamp for 2018, then you may be interested in some of the hottest trends that this year has to offer when it comes to interior design.

Industrial chic

Whether you have laminate floor, polished concrete or distressed wood, injecting a little industrial chic into your home will never be wrong in 2018. As well as distressed finishes and exposed brick, however, this year also offers a fresh twist with minimalist statement lighting and simple accessories such as crockery and soft furnishings to really enhance the overall effect.

Paint effects and colour blocks

Forget solid colour walls and instead, use colour blocks to create shapes. Alternatively, consider ombre walls or other paint effects, as well as stencilling, to add interest to a room.

From laminate flooring bought from the likes of https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html to statement walls, linear lines are the order of the year. Straight-line simplicity is key, on walls as well as on furniture, flooring and lighting. This should create a sophisticated look that politely says ‘modern elegance’.

Greenery on pink

Be inspired by the likes of Kew Gardens and bring plants into your home, along with a tropical influence and plenty of soft pink hues.

Combine the decadence of Kew with an exotic cocktail lounge in an upmarket hotel and go to town with palm leaf prints, blush pink furnishings and a selection of terrariums, planters and pots.

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