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5 Ways Technology Helps with Home Improvement

Needless to say that technology has empowered and changes human lives at an unprecedented speed. An arena such as that of home improvement and renovation that not long ago was costly and time-consuming is now executed with cost-efficient and instant speed. While the technological advancements are still nascent in terms of their consumer base and popularity in technology news, home improvement gadgets and mobile apps are offering everyday consumers, a plausible self-sufficiency. Here are 5 ways technology has upgraded home improvement.


  1. Promotion of Eco-friendly consumption and waste reduction: Mobile apps like GrowIt, Sustain Me, and others have opened new doors for planeteers across the world to create a more eco-friendly footprint. Thanks to these emerging technology environmental conscious mobile users can now access services that weren’t possible before. Some of which include planting the best vegetation in their respective areas, recycling batteries, meat containers, plastic bags and other items to reduce their carbon footprint, and even exploring ethical fashion choices with apps like Good On You.


  1. Empowering consumer choices: From choosing the best paint for your kid’s bedroom and curating the interior design of your house to designing your dream home entirely in virtual reality mode, home improvements apps like Tap Painter and Planner 5D have given consumers a new voice in their home improvement decisions. Whereas with apps like iFixit and Home Improvement Calcs, consumers can themselves calculate values of their attic insulation or fix broken laptops and other devices. Besides opening new opportunities of self sustainability, the emerging influx of all this information has empower consumer voices when they want to improve any aspect of their home.


  1. Making life security even stronger: Technology has upgraded real-time surveillance and home security to unprecedented heights, all of which is now accessible with a mobile app. From monitoring your house with a surveillance camera, locking and unlocking doors with a mobile app for managing unique access codes for babysitter, workers, etc and tracking their arrival times. Home improvement is now a futuristic reality with home security apps. Besides security, users can even control the lights of the house or adjust your thermostat without having to be present in the house. These advancements have especially empowered new age parents who are torn between balancing their professional and personal duties.


  1. Expanding information flow: Gone are the days when one had to attend a carpentry workshop to make their own study rack or be an engineer to fix their old toaster. Today, technology has connected everyday laymen to an infinite influx of information where he/she can learn anything. From tying a knot and camping ropes to surviving a bear, mobile apps like WikiHow have made the world your digital oyster. With more information available than before, creativity has also witnessed its own revolution. Today with apps like Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram, people can create art out of newspapers. This, in turn, has integrated recycling and eco-sustainable practices into home improvement.


  1. Economic viability: Where once consumers shelled a fortune over handymen and designers, they are accessing more affordable option with free mobile apps. Apps like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor are two of the many advancing technologies that enable people to book any professional they need. The list diversifies from estate planners, songwriters, math tutors, makeup artists or even a logo designer to maids, plumbers, painters and pest control. The apps even offer filter options to determine the service cost you can afford, the nearest service in your area and comparison between two or more choices. The services are not only credited by other customers like you but also accessible with a free mobile app.


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