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Benefits Of Building Drainage Swales

If you are a homeowner, you may have heard of drainage swales. These are shallow ditches with sloping sides built to ensure proper drainage, capture stormwater or minimize runoff. They are designed to direct the water where you want it to go. Drainage swales are particularly common in areas that receive a lot of rainfall. If you are looking for an efficient way to capture rainwater instead of using rain barrels, you should build drainage swales. Here are some of the advantages of building a drainage swale on your property.

Directing Water

Rainwater tends to erode soil and other pollutants as it flows. If that rainwater is not properly directed, it will accumulate around your home’s foundation. The next thing is a leak in your basement that can be costly to fix. If you stay in an area that gets a lot of flash flooding, swales will help prevent that water from collecting near your home. Instead, the water will drain to another designated place.

Controlling Yard Water Problems

One of the reasons drainage swales are popular is because they are effective. When done right, swale solutions will help transform your mucky yard into a beautiful and dry area. They also provide a practical erosion solution because they do not need special maintenance or industrial equipment.

Use Of Natural Land Features

Natural features refer to components produced by the environment, such as rocks and hills. Drainage swales are built with natural components in most cases. Most professionals will come and check your property, looking for those natural depressions or slopes. They will also assess the vegetation in the target area to see if it is ideal. If not, the next step is getting rocks or cobblestones.

What To Avoid When Building Swales

There are certain things you will have to avoid if your drainage swale is to work effectively. For starters, you should never add anything that will block the flow of water. Even if you want to make the drainage look good, anything impeding the water flow will make the swale ineffective. If you are installing a fence, ensure that water can flow through or below. If your drainage swales have berms, you can plant a few trees on the berms. However, never plant a tree in the swale as it will obstruct water flow.

While you may have seen a few YouTube videos on how to build a swale, it is better to contact a professional to build it for you. That way, you are assured the job will be done perfectly and in good time.

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