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Check Out These Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Shades

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Iced Cube Silver: This silken shade of pale gray from Benjamin Moore has just enough blue tint in it to warrant the name. A gorgeous neutral that will have you wanting to stop your shade search here!

Pale Oak: A light brown shade shows you that the soft colours of the forest can be strangely seductive.

Sweet Celadon: An adorable and frothy variation on a light celery green that will have you swimming in celadon.

Chantilly Lace: This off-white is so elegant that you’ll be wondering which room you want to use it on!

Coventry Gray: A nice solid gray that isn’t too pigmented but has a wonderful shading to it.

Carlisle Cream: All the lovely aspects of beige and cream combined into one colour.

Sea Pine: This gorgeous shade of paint certainly embodies its title. You can find it at a paint store in North York if you can’t wait to go get it!

Wrought Iron: A strong gray that will have you in love with its dark and pigmented allure. This shade is more seductive than you might think gray paints could be!

White Opulence: A shiny, glossy white that shows the value of going back to basics with your home interior.

Blue Seafoam: Capture all the exotic colour of a tropical sea while you relax on a beach with a drink in your hand!

Blue Porcelain: This very nice shade of blue is slightly darker than sky and wonderfully relaxed. It could easily go in any room in your home and you can be sure to find it at a paint store in Richmond Hill.

Revere Pewter: This popular brown is a neutral that looks great anywhere.

Quiet Moments: This quiet green is perfect for any room where you want to just kick back and relax.

Summer Showers: An unassuming light blue that will have you reveling in warmer weather and calm in the colder months.

Kendall Charcoal: A popular smoky gray that is pure fashion. Ask about it at any paint store in North York.

Palladian Blue: See why this wonderfully sedate blue is a bestseller!

Pink Bliss: This light pink is the very definition of delicate.

Van Deusen Blue: If you’re going to select a dark paint shade in blue from a paint store in Richmond Hill, pick this one!

Misty Memories: This romantic light lavender will have you feeling dreamy.

Seattle Mist: Feel like you’re ready to get a cup of fair trade, locally-roasted coffee in this West Coast city every time you step into the room.

Wild Aster: For the home decorator that loves wildflowers, you will fall in love with this wild yet soft pink.

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